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Flavour trends

At Einar Willumsen we continue to identify trends in the food and drink market place as these can then determine our focus for flavour innovation success with customers.

There are 3 key areas in flavour development that consumers are looking for every day.


Refining these trends to suit individual markets and matching with customers’ production capability and strategy continues to help us stand out as a flavour house that recognizes that one size does not fit all.

Over the last year consumers have consolidated their preferences in food and drink to line up with products that fall into the 3 key areas identified in 2017 – Nostalgia and traditional, botanical and organic.  These are set to maintain a strong place within the innovation and trends for 2018 as well.

There are of course developments within these where food and drink manufacturers can surprise and delight consumers and drive real category value in 2018 and 2019.  Overall the rising stars will continue to be tea and coffee flavours and extracts as consumers continue to recognize their possible benefits.

Nostalgia and traditional

Taking nostalgia and traditional – consumers are still keen to support locally produced, products with provenance and those that are considered to be crafted.  Happy to pay more and interested in novelty flavours as well – not as the lead but as the experiential twist to a product.

“Consumers are longing for the past as an antidote to stresses of the future”*

This trend could be broadened to include the desire for light hearted novelty flavours as well.  There will continue to be growing interest in all things magical: Unicorns and mermaids for example but marketed as especially crafted.  With this, like with all food and drink… as long as the taste is good it will be accepted and talked about!


When it comes to botanicals we will see two clear routes in this area.  These are herbs and spices.  Continuing with the increased interest from consumers in extracts and distillates of these two botanical sectors, the addition of herbs and floral botanicals to add top notes and variety to beverages will continue to grow – consumers like “blends of flavours”, always the lead being something we know (strawberry, rhubarb, orange or apple) with again a twist of something that delivers a new sensory taste experience.  The same can be said for spices such as cardamom, cloves or cinnamon, these spices are meeting the need of consumers to satisfy curiosity in food and beverages – all underpinned of course by the continued drive for natural.


Analysts continue to predict the growth in organic food and drink sales and consumers are becoming more aware of this area.  There will continue to be some confusion as to ethical labelling and fair trade v organic v sustainably sourced etc, but companies are beginning to address this and talk to consumers about what means what.  As consumers look for alternatives to alcohol in particular and credible beverages for social occasions this is the organic opportunity, linked with crafted and botanicals consumers are also happy to pay more for it.

As after all, 66% of consumers agree that they are more likely to purchase products that are developed for their lifestyle*

*Globaldata 2017

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