Einar Willumsen

Einar Willumsen

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Tundra cowberry

Exquisite flavour sensation


In the Arctic tundra, vegetation is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. Only the most robust and wilful plant life persists through the frost year after year. The cowberry, or lingonberry, is one of these special plants. Its bright red berries and evergreen leaves do not crawl towards anyone or anything – they are content in their quiet beauty and wait patiently to be plucked from the wild with delicate fingers. Refreshingly tart with a hint of sweetness and even subtler touch of sour, the tundra cowberry has inspired a delicious range of Scandinavian delicacies for generations. Today it is a culinary quest in countless professional kitchens as modern chefs aspire to pair its unique flavour with everything from lavender and liquorice to chocolate and a well-prepared steak.

Access the inaccessible and luxuriate in that exclusive northern intensity.

Tundra Cowberry

Access the inaccessible

Join us on an adventurous exploration to uncover some of the hidden gems of the Arctic tundra


The peaceful taiga or the Arctic tundra, just saying the words gives you an instant imagination of a breathtaking, yet rough and inaccessible part of the world. Most of us will never get there. And even if we do so, chances that we should actually discover these berries are really small. Should you have luck, you better enjoy them right away.

The rest of us are left with imagination – until now. Einar Willumsen brings you the taste of the arctic region, so we all can experience this rare and exclusive flavour.