Einar Willumsen

Einar Willumsen

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Arctic raspberry

An elusive jewel


The Arctic raspberry is often called the jewel of the north. In its most authentic form, it grows north of the Arctic polar circle – it requires around-the-clock sunlight to develop its dark red colour, its powerful aroma and its delicate sweet-tart balance.

The Arctic raspberry is an elusive jewel, found only by luck in the Arctic grassland. For those of us without the time or means to go searching across Northern landscapes for this rare, wild berry experience, Einar Willumsen is here to allow you to experience this taste.

Arctic Raspberry

Access the inaccessible

Join us on an adventurous exploration to uncover some of the hidden gems of the Arctic tundra


The peaceful taiga or the Arctic tundra, just saying the words gives you an instant imagination of a breathtaking, yet rough and inaccessible part of the world. Most of us will never get there. And even if we do so, chances that we should actually discover an artic raspberry are really small. Should you have luck, you better enjoy it right away – this jewel of the North.

The rest of us are left with imagination – until now. Einar Willumsen brings you the taste of the arctic region, so we all can experience this rare and exclusive flavour.