Einar Willumsen

Einar Willumsen

Taiga bilberry - Arctic tundra

The taiga is a region between the tundra and the temperate forest, from about 50°N to 70°N. The Nordic taiga is a peaceful area where time is limitless. In this environment the blueberries, or rather the bilberries, indulge in the perfect balance between climate, soil conditions, clean air and time. This is how they acquire their exclusively dark blue skin and blood red heart.

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No matter what taste you are looking for, our flavourists know how to create it. We enjoy working with our satisfied customers, many of which are market leaders in their specific industries. That makes us proud to be in the flavour business.


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At Einar Willumsen we continue to identify trends in the food and drink market place as these can then determine our focus for flavour innovation success with customers. Overall the rising stars will continue to be tea and coffee flavours and extracts as consumers continue to recognize their possible benefits.

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Scandinavian candy is known throughout the world for its novelty and splendid diversity. For decades, we’ve had a blast covering a wide variety of confectionery flavourings, such as fruit, berry used for jellies, chews and more.
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Innovation in dairy products goes fast and we are constantly developing flavourings to adapt to the latest trends. Our enzyme-modified dairy flavourings are suitable for clean label dairy products.
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Our technical experts have solid experience in the global baking industry to support local product development, test baking and implementation in your production lines.
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Over 100 years of great beverages

Beverages are a cornerstone of our business and one of our core competencies. The final beverage only works if all the elements, such as taste, stability, preservation and colour, work together.
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WIN:LAB is where we co-create with you. In our open lab we welcome you
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